⚡️ The One-Page Tech Survival Doc ⚡️


Need something printed or copied at the Copy Center? 

Need to send a group email? Use the most current mailing list.

Need to call someone? Check the FDR Phone list extension

Need to book a room or ipad cart? Follow the map and do it right! (24 working hours in advance)


  1. Is something in your browser that should be working broken? Clear your cache.

  1. Some piece of technology not working? Make a formal tech request by emailing ithelpdesk@amersol.edu.pe 

    1. Immediate support with sound and projectors

    2. Help getting iPads or installing apps

    3. Problems with Google accounts or access issues 

  1. Can’t find your most crucial documents in Drive? Star them.

  1. Can’t get the projector to work? 99% of the time it is either:

    1. Check the connection points between the Dongle/VGA Cable/Wall 

    2. Click the ‘source’ or ‘input’ button on your remote 


  1. Want to find something within the Technology & Learning Innovation department? Check the official website / Blog / Important Links

  1. Need to purchase an app/software/subscription for yourself or your class? Fill out the request form  

  1. Need an Apple TV password

  1. Missing some important information? Check the Student Bulletin: MS / HS. [Better yet, pin it]

Need training on an FDR system? Check out our extensive YouTube channel of handy videos!